Vimi Chinese supermodel Ming, one minute to teach you to become goddess fan!

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Time: 2017-08-05
Summary: Beautiful course How to know a suitable hair style to you?

Compared with many film and television stars, polished"perfect" awl face, many of the supermodel is more like our ordinary peoplethey also have "shortcomings." Many of them are not perfect in face shape or body shape, but they often turn these "flaws" into features. If you can find the right hairstyle for yourself, you can also walk in front of the fashion like those famous supermodels!

Lanky-shape face girl should avoid long hair and short hair, it will be more fully exposed to your shortcomings. Just to the neck position of the hair will highlight your temperament. 

Short Chin girls can make both sides of the hair fluffy, so that the face looks elongated, or short hair is a good choice.

The girl with a sharp face is fortunate because it is most in keeping with the public aesthetic. Supermodel Klaire Kloss although have a sharp chin, but it has different from the "snake face" of the jaw, left a short lob head is perfect.

The soft face of the girl often because of the rounded cheeks flat nose and give the impression of the ordinary lovely, but if you want to look at sharp point can try a little neutral and short hair. Fear of losing a woman's taste, "sleepless" hairstyle is also very good!


Similarly, the angular three-dimensional face, is also very suitable for"sleep" hairstyle. High fashion girl can also try retro Bobo long head, can make the face tough line appear soft. 

In the past two years, the momentum of the long hair is fire, the reason is that the hair don't to pick face, it looks more soft thanshort hair, more pizazzy than long hair, and it's easy to comb. The office of the girls must be the choice.

 Bangs is a sharp weapon to highlight the eyes, it's popular with young girls, the medium-length hair with bangs looks more close to the feeling of long hair, especially fit to have big-eyes girls.

If you have a lot of hair, the vertical hair style is best for you. The disheveled girl can do natural straightening, but pay attention to bright ze care.

The girl with high cheekbones chooses fluffy long hair, which not only modifies the facial shape, but also displays the temperament. It just needs to be ironed or shaped like a hair dryer. It is more troublesome than other long hair styles

If your hair belongs to a natural type that is not straight and curly, with a little arc in the tail of hair, it can become a more fashion and beautiful.

Curly-haired woman with long hair taste, not only easy to choose the style of clothing, but also many makeup style is always suit for their hair style, especially for the wide-face girl, it is really a gospel!

The right hairstyle is the beginning of the sublimation of a woman's temperament and the threshold of fashion. The above are the medium-length hair styles that are being watched by models, girls may wish to carefully choose their own hairstyle, then  brush out the new heights of fashion in the crowd.

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