beauty stick

Time: 2019-10-17
Summary: beauty stick,360° waterproof,T-head,Vibration massage,shrink pores

   Are you still worried about the dark circles underyour eyes?Are you still worried about the loose skin on your face?

   This beauty stick step in place, to help you solve.Ithas a deep vibration massage of 6000 times per minute, which can effectively eliminatethe swelling of the face, eliminate excess fat and make the big facesmaller.Adopt 360° waterproof design.T-head design produces anions,which can promote cell metabolism.Vibration massage can help essence, skin careproducts faster and deeper absorption.

Beauty bar t-headplating process, the metal T head design, produce metal ions can be integratedpotential balance, with 6000 beats per minute deep vibration massage, exercisefacial muscles, eliminate excess fat, removing facial edema model, make small"v" face, through the massage can promote the face blood circulation,promote lymph drainage, increase skin elasticity, shrink pores.

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